Rancho Bernardo

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Rancho Bernardo Office

Rancho Bernardo

11828 Rancho Bernardo Road
Suite #210
Rancho Bernardo, CA 92128
Office: 858.451.2777
Fax: 858.451.0928
Branch License # 863-1435

Meet Our Staff


Rachel Andersen specializes in residential property sales,
commercial property sales, refinances (all types) and reverse
mortgage purchases. She has 16+ years of experience
successfully closing escrows in San Diego and before, in Carmel,
California. She provides a personal, hands-on approach for all of
her clients. Her dedication to providing the highest quality of
customer service along with her depth of knowledge and ability to
team with all sides of a transaction have been the cornerstone of
her escrow career. Rachel believes that the secret to a successful
transaction is found in a true partnership of professionals and sees
every new escrow as an opportunity to bring that philosophy to life.

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys traveling, participating in endurance racing events (running, triathlons, obstacle course races), reading, attending sporting events, concerts and spending time with her friends and family.


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