Karen Ormond – Randy Ora

“Having been in the business 23 years and having completed nearly 1,000 closed deals, I have a pretty good perspective on what makes a great escrow company and what makes a great escrow officer. With deals that I “control” as the listing agent I would NEVER opt to have any other escrow company or escrow officer handle my deals and my clients by anyone other than the Escrow Firm and specifically Karen Ormond. She is the absolute best in the industry and the only one I trust with my clients. For the transactions I don’t “control” as a listing agent I “fight tooth and nail” for Karen and the Escrow Firm to be the Escrow Company on my Buyer deals simply because I need this level of care for my Buyers. We as agents should have standards for our client experience and escrow is no exception!”- Randy Ora, The Ora Group